Our Services

Our Services

American Sign Language Interpreters

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters develop their interpreting skills through an accredited college program; for which involves extensive training and a lifetime of continued practice after graduation. They must follow strict adherence to RID Code of Ethics. The process of interpreting involves more than simply translating between spoken and signed languages. They are well-versed in translating facial and body expressions from the ASL user and the tone of voice from the speaker. They are the “voice” of the ASL user.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a video communication service that utilizes remote interpreters and communication devices such as an iPad or a laptop with internet access to interpret between the speaker and ASL user. Both signer and speaker are in the same room when using this service.

Real Time Captioning Services

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) transcribes spoken information verbatim into a computer screen or smartphone. CART transcriptionists use either a specialized shorthand machine or cutting-edge speech recognition technologies to create an exact text transcription of any event. Customers who want to know every word spoken with close-to-exact accuracy ask for CART services. CART is widely used in classrooms, counseling sessions, teleconferences, meetings, seminars, conferences, court rooms, and church services where precise, transcription is necessary.


Our interpreters are available to assist with all medical communication needs from birth to end of life. They are also knowledgeable about and compliant with HIPAA privacy laws.


Trained to uphold the highest levels of privacy and professionalism; our interpreters are there for clients with any legal need, inside and outside of court.


Whether you need an interpreter for interviews, training, seminars or small meetings; we facilitate clear communication in the workplace.


Classroom interpreting (elementary through doctorate level) is an essential service we offer; for which ensures Deaf or Hard of Hearing students of all ages have an equal learning experience as their hearing classmates.


Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) service is an innovative way of communicating with your Deaf client with an off-site interpreter.


For people who are DeafBlind or have low vision, we offer a very talented group of interpreters specializing in Tactile and Pro-Tactile interpreting. Tactile interpreting is ASL conveyed through touch on the hands.