Guiding Principles

Equal and Respect

Show respect for others through equal and caring interactions.

Diversity and Inclusion

Value the well-being of all individuals at all times.


Embrace and celebrate diverse identities.


Support personal consumer choices for communication needs and preferences.

Giving Back to the Community

Give back to the community to create stronger, more connected communities.

Meet Our Team

Helpful Interpreting Team

Bill Warnock

Bill Warnock serves as co-owner and bookkeeper while supporting the Sharp Eyed Group team. A graduate of the Indiana School for the Deaf, Bill holds diverse business skills. He worked as a long-haul truck driver for 12 years, including two years as owner-operator. He then established a landscaping company and also provided DJ services for 15 years. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, boating, volunteering, and spending time with his wife, dogs, and friends. 

Meg Warnock

Meg Warnock serves as co-owner of Sharp Eyed Group while working as an early intervention specialist for families of deaf and hard of hearing children in Indiana. A lifelong community service supporter, Meg understands the innate importance of quality communication access for deaf and hard of hearing people. Meg is honored to be a bonus mom to two adult children and is passionate about reading books. Like her husband Bill, Meg loves to boat and spend time with their dog.

Helpful Interpreting Team

Linda Greeno

Linda Greeno is a Project Coordinator with the Sharp Eyed Group.  Linda coordinates works on various professional development projects for vendors, ASL interpreters, captioners, and Deaf Interpreters to ensure ongoing quality service delivery systems.  Linda, alongside with Vanessa, also works to match ASL interpreters, tactile interpreters, and captioners for specific settings and situations.    Linda has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Gallaudet University.  Linda’s experiences include case management, advocacy, customer services, and service coordination.  In her free time, Linda enjoys gardening, DIY projects, and playing with her free-roaming rabbit, Coco.  She is also a proud mother of three adult children and a “Nana” to seven grandchildren. 

Vanessa Wagner

Vanessa Wagner is the Interpreting Coordinator at Sharp Eyed Group.  Since November 1018, Vanessa provides support to the team in coordinating and scheduling interpreters for Sharp Eyed Group’s customers.  Vanessa graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in human resources administration and sociology from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2009.  Vanessa was born in the Midwest, raised in the South, and currently lives in Indiana.  Vanessa is married to a very hard-working husband and they have two young KODA children (Kids of Deaf Adults).  Vanessa is huge fan of University of Georgia football.  Go UGA Bulldogs!  Vanessa’s favorite hobbies include traveling, arts and crafts, and photography.

Company History

Helpful Interpreting Team


Roger Kraft founded Sharp Eyed Group in 2013 as the first Deaf-owned and Deaf-operated Interpreting business in Indiana. What distinguished Sharp Eyed Group from the other interpreting agencies in Indiana was its commitment to working only with professionally certified ASL interpreters.

Helpful Interpreting Team - About Us - Sharp Eyed Group


The Indiana Association of the Deaf (IAD) purchased Sharp Eyed Group. IAD is a statewide organization that works to protect the civil rights of people who are Deaf, DeafBlind, or Hard of Hearing.


In 2021, Bill Warnock purchased Sharp Eyed Group from IAD. In keeping with founder Roger Kraft’s vision of being a Deaf-operated agency, the Warnocks are carrying forward the vision by ensuring the highest quality in services.