Creating Community

Sharp Eyed Group is Indiana’s premier company for high quality ASL-to-English interpreting, Deafblind  interpreting, and virtual interpreting services.

Creating Community

Intentional and meaningful connections are coordinated by trusted professionals at Sharp Eyed Group that builds mutual understanding and trust for all parties.

Staff members at Sharp Eyed Group not only deeply care about quality of your communication access needs, they also possess an innate and natural understanding of high standards since they are also customers of interpretation as well.

Connect. People. Satisfied.

Sharp Eyed Group’s vision is creating and fostering community connections between people and groups that rise above language barriers.

Sharp Eyed Group is the only 100% Deaf-owned and Deaf-run interpreting company in Indiana. We get what you need by connecting with you.

Core Services

Creating Community Connections

By creating intentional and meaningful connections, Sharp Eyed Group helps build mutual understanding and trust for all parties. As interpreting consumers ourselves, we care deeply about the quality of your communication access, and possess an innate, natural understanding of the highest standards possible. 

ASL-English Interpretation

Sharp Eyed Group provides professionally certified sign language interpreters for different settings, including educational, medical, legal, and social services. Interpreting services are available in person and on site or virtually.

By providing top-quality services via experienced, seasoned interpreters, consumers can be confident in the quality of access for every interaction. 


Sharp Eyed Group offers the ability to connect you to an employee, colleague, student, patient, or a client virtually using video platforms. Whether it’s a presentation, meeting, class, conference, or consultation, Sharp Eyed Group provides professionally certified ASL/English interpreters on different video platforms.


Sharp Eyed Group can send a professionally certified interpreter to  work in person at meetings, lectures, consultations, and conferences. This format is high recommended and especially critical for healthcare or medical and legal settings,.

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